Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yesterday's Project

Yesterday I decided it was time to deal with the abundance of goodies from my garden. I am being overrun with tomatoes and peppers!!! So, I went online and found a recipe for salsa, and after a quick trip to Wal-Mart for canning jars was ready to proceed. It really wasn't hard - just time consuming peeling and chopping all of those tomatoes and peppers. But it was worth it - this is what I ended up with (though there were 4 more jars yesterday - one has already been consumed, and 3 given away). It is delicious!! I may have to make more - even if it means buying more tomatoes at the farmers market!

So, after having such great success with the salsa, today or tomorrow these babies below are destined to become pepper jelly!!! Cute jars, pectin, and a recipe from a neieghbor are awaiting them. And in case these aren't enough, there are more waiting in the garden to join them.

Now, I just need some ideas on what to do with these little lovelies!!! My cherry tomato plants are just as prolific as the bigger ones. We simply cannot eat enough salads to make a dent in them. And these in the basket are only half of what I have waiting to be used - there is about the same amount already in the refrigerator. Anyone have any great ideas for cherry tomatoes? My neighbors don't seem to be big fans!!!

Sorry to interrupt the travel posts, but the garden just wouldn't wait!!!!! If only my squash and zucchini plants had done as well as the tomatoes and peppers!

Be back soon!

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  1. How delicious!! I wonder if cherry tomatoes could make good sun-dried tomatoes? If so you could have some delicious fun and give some away as gifts too - yum!