Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beer Fest

Short post for today, but I wanted to share a photo from last night. Carl, Sean, Christy and I went to Beer Fest at Jungle Jim's.  It was a lot of fun.  When we arrived we were each given a small beer glass, and then we spent the next 2 hours walking around sampling different beers.  There were way over 100 to choose from - breweries from as close as right here in Cincinnati, and as far away as Belgium, Germany, and England.  Most of the booths would tell you a little bit about the different beers they had. My favorites were from Ommengang and Unibroue.  I meant to try one from Scotland even, but forgot about going back when the line was shorter until I was beered out!  I think I only sampled about 10 or so before I decided just couldn't do any more (especially since I was driving).  Christy was done about the same time.  I think Carl and Sean sampled a few more than we did.  After checking out what Jungle Jim's was offering for dinner (barbeque sandwiches and potato chips), we decided to go to Gordos and have a good burger (amazingly enough no one wanted beer to drink).  And who should walk in  while we were waiting for our dinner to arrive but our friend Tina Schroff,  her husband and friends!!!  What a coincidence.  We knew they were at the Beer Fest but hadn't been able to find them, and then they picked the same place to eat dinner. 

Hope you're all having a nice Father's Day weekend!!!


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